Leslie Myers – Nurse Practitioner at Clinica Gratis

A Doctor's Story

We had a gentleman and his wife come in from a County about 40 minutes away and they had both been laid off from their jobs after 20 plus years of employment and so they lost their insurance benefits and they had many chronic medical conditions. And so they came into the Clinic and I saw them separately and they expressed how they did not have transportation and they had to save all their money to get the money to pay someone to drive them to the Clinic. And so, while I’m working with them and finding out that they haven’t been on their medications for quite a few months, their conditions were out of control and honestly, they were in a very dangerous place. We worked through trying to get their medications ordered but they didn’t even have the funds to pay for the four dollar medications that they needed. So, we were trying to help them prioritize which medications they could afford and it just broke our hearts that we weren’t able to give them everything that they needed. So we worked with management and Teresa Goodman here and found a way to help that gentleman get the medications that he needed.

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